Baba's Mystical Tour

Moving together... to Build a Better You and a Better World

the Bliss Bus

In 1979, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti - known affectionately as "Baba", the founder of socio-spiritual movement Ananda Marga - made an historic tour of Europe, during which he inspired people to continue spreading his teachings of "Self-Realisation and Service to Humanity".

25 years later, in the Summer of 2004, a group of meditators, social service volunteers, monks and nuns made their own tour of Europe, in the Ananda Marga Bliss Bus, re-tracing Baba's footsteps and continuing to propagate his social and spiritual ideals for creating a better society for all.

During the month of July, we journeyed to the places that Baba visited, heard his discourses where they were spoken, trod the fieldwalks he took and heard stories from those who participated in '79.

We filled the streets, houses, mountains and beaches that we passed with kiirtan, music, art, theatre and meditation. And endeavoured to spread positive vibrations amongst the local communities by conducting social service activities in children's homes, homeless refuges, schools, hospitals, elderly hospices, refugee and rehabilitation centres in all of the places that we visit... Spreading a wave of love throughout Europe!

You can read about each step of the tour on this website, with stories and photos from the road.

In 2005, over in North America, the "Kundalini Express" went on its own continental tour - this time to commemorate Ananda Marga's 50th anniversary. [ (external link)]

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