Fiesch: Baba's Birthday *


It was Baba's birthday according to the moon. I had been told to come to Baba's quarters that day. I left my room, walked to His house, went up to the door and at once my name was called. While so many others had been waiting for hours, even days, to see Baba personally, it was incredible that I did not have to wait one moment.

I stepped into Baba's room, gave namaskar and did sastaung pranam. Immediately He said, "Get up, get up!" I sat and crossed my legs in half-lotus. Baba asked my name and from what country I had come. When I told him I was from Mexico, He said, "and you have come all the way from Mexico just to see me? I am very pleased." And I answered, "Traveling by plane is so close. There is no distance in this world." "Yes," Baba agreed.

Then He said something like, "you are developing very nicely in your spiritual practices. But you know, there is something missing in you. There is something that you haven't done. And I think I should give you punishment.... What do you think?

"Yes... give me punishment," I said.

"No, no, another time I will give," He replied.

(Very often through our conversation, I did not clearly understand Baba's words it was amazing that each time I internally questioned a word, Baba would repeat that exact word back to me five or six times.)

Baba then continued, asking, "Are you ready to serve humanity and to be an ideal boy?"

"Yes, Baba", I said.

"Oh, in that case I will give you punishment," Baba thoughtfully replied.

"OK, Baba", I said.

Then He asked, "Do you think I will be happy if I give you punishment if I see one of my children crying like this?" And as Baba said this He turned His face into an expression of crying and He began to sob. I could not understand why He was doing this in front of me. He stopped for a moment and then again He repeated the same face. Still I did not understand. Baba looked so beautiful in these moments it was a very emotional time for me as I could really feel Baba close to me, like a father. Also during this time I was seeing a huge glow of light completely encircling both of us. Everything was totally white!

Again Baba continued, "So if you don't think I will be happy, why do you think I should punish you?"

"Because you want me to progress," I answered.

"Yes," said Baba. "I want you to progress."

Then He told me to raise my arms. I had so much confidence in Him, and with the strong feeling that my body was actually nothing, I raised my arms, my mind completely absorbing Him.

He swung back His hand I closed my eyes in surrender and the next moment I felt a gentle touch on my side so much energy came into me at that moment that I could only cry and cry, and I could feel my face looking exactly the same as Baba had just before shown to me. I dropped my head into His lap and kept crying more and more.

He was stroking my head and told me to repeat each of these words after Him. "I am ready... to serve... humanity... and to become... an ideal boy." Then he told me, come and sit on My lap." I saw Him so fragile and I was wondering how I could sit on His lap. Carefully I sat upon His lap still crying, and I gently dropped my forehead onto His neck (a sense impression which I continue to feel even now and each time I relive that moment).

"Now I will bless you", He said as He placed the palm of His hand on my forehead. "From this moment you will forget all about your life. You will start a new life from this very moment." Then He repeated some mantras. Again He put His hand to my forehead. I felt so much light inside... and I stopped crying.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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