Fiesch: DMC Preparation *

Baba in Fiesch

On the afternoon of May 12th , the day of Dharma Maha Cakra, a huge procession was arranged to travel the streets of the nearby town of Brig. About four hundred Margiis and Proutists gathered together and began to sing kiirtan outside the railway station in the warm afternoon sun. The street was flooded with diffused light, reflected from the huge snow-covered peaks rearing upwards all around, crystallised in the pure air.

Slowly the procession started, a little jumbled at first but straightening out as it slid into the main street like a fat snake. Chanting together, all went through the street, arms raised to the sky a high blue arc severed dramatically by the jagged peaks of the Alps. The kiirtan undulated like a wave over everyone as it gradually phased in and out between the back and front marchers. The procession cut its way through the main street of the town and then turned into a quiet shaded road flanked by a large church which rang its booming bell loudly, almost drowning the sound of the kiirtan. We emerged from the cool shade into a large sun-filled square, sheltered by the mountain and another beautiful church with golden minarets gleaming magically. Here all came to a halt and then there was a display of tandava and kaoshikii by all the brothers, followed by kaoshikii by the sisters. This was an inspiring sight a stream of rhythmic dancers stretching out across the square, everybody vibrant in orange and white and blue and white clothes.

Afterwards all marched around the square singing kiirtan, kept in synchronisation by the musicians who, with drum and guitar, walked up and down alongside the marchers to keep everyone together. On arriving again at the railway station everybody sat down on the floor, sang Sam'gacchadhvam and did a short meditation.

A strong intangible spiritual vibration now pervaded the afternoon as the hour of DMC drew near. The Nagar Kiirtan was a beautiful way of demonstrating the unity and love that had built up over the preceding days with Baba at Fiesch, while subtly affecting the consciousness of the area on this auspicious day.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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