Fiesch, Switzerland *

Baba in Fiesch

Fiesch, a little village in the middle of the Swiss Alps range, has her own natural beauty attractive to all people. Almost 700 people, including many young families and children, gathered in Fiesch in order to see Baba and to hear His discourses.

People had come from all over the world from East and West, South and North from all the continents. The little village had become the cultural centre for the little Ananda Marga society, filled with the spirit of "One human society, one human culture". There was no discrimination between black and white, rich and poor, east and west. There was only one flow, one rhythm that "our Baba has come". Yes, He has come after long years of waiting. Now their dream had come true. Baba became the nucleus of Fiesch. He was the source of all happenings, of everything going on, centering around Him. He was giving discourses, personal contacts, field contacts and giving advice to His worker sons and daughters to expedite the speed of service that they are rendering through various organisations based on His ideology.

Baba chose this place particularly due to the Tantric importance of the Alps. In fact He said that this area was the best place to do sadhana meditation. He also said that as many Master Units should be established here as possible, so that people from all over the world could visit and practise meditation for some weeks at a time.

For one very full week, Baba remained among these snow-capped mountains, giving to His disciples in all possible ways. His schedule was completely filled - from very early morning until late night, Baba was showering all with compassion.

Each day he took two walks in the country, one walk before His midday Darshan and one walk before His evening Darshan.

On one fieldwalk, Baba added that human society first began in these hills. He also said, "Struggle (sangram) and War (yuddha) are not synonymous. While war springs from hatred, struggle is a part and parcel of life. War blackens everything; it darkens the future. Let life be bright, both individually and collectively. Let us fight these fissiparous tendencies which want to make our life dark."

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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