Fiesch: Baba's Quarters *

Each day Baba could look out the window of His living quarters sitting amidst the pines and see His devotees all around. Many were sitting in meditation or dancing kiirtan or singing devotional songs by the house on all sides. Some settled close, while others were a bit farther away by the small stream flowing through the rolling slopes nearby. They were eagerly awaiting the moment when Baba would emerge, smiling and nodding in His loving way as a rush of these devotees surrounded Him.

Personal Contact

Baba in Fiesch

Twice a day Baba would also give personal contact to His devotees, gracing each individual personally with His presence. In the Tantric system it is said that those who follow the spiritual path of Tantra take birth three times. The first birth is the natural physical birth from the mother's womb. The second birth is the time of initiation this is called Dvija. The true life begins now, when the siddha mantra is given especially for that aspirant according to his vibration. Then the third birth is the contact with Sadguru. It is this contact in which the spiritual aspirant can come close to Guru in order to receive His guidance more personally by directly asking questions and by performing Guru Seva (service to Guru for purification of physical body and mind). Baba gives the greatest inspiration to all sadhakas through Guru Charana Sparshan.

It is at this point when true devotion begins the aspirant can feel Guru very near and understands that He is truly a spiritual guide.

Most of those who came out of Baba's room after this personal Contact were in a state of awe totally overwhelmed by His greatness. After integrating the vibration they could understand more clearly Baba's expression. Here one brother relates his experience:

"There were ten of us waiting outside Baba's door. Suddenly it was my turn to go in. Immediately I started to ideate strongly. I got up and went down the short corridor to His room. I went in and saw Baba sitting on a low bed in that small room I prostrated before Him in sastaung pranam and felt lost in it. But almost as soon as this feeling came Baba told me to sit up in proper posture and to come closer. I was as close as could be, and looking into His eyes, His face and head seemed to fill my whole vision.

He asked my name, my acarya and where I had been initiated. Then looking deep into me He asked very searchingly what kind of boy I wanted to be. My mind flashed 'ideal', so I said 'an ideal boy'. Baba then started talking about not being an animal and about how this physical structure will age, die and rot. All the time I was overcome with His serious look.

Then He asked if I wanted to be a little boy who does little work, or a great boy who does great work, but He said it in such a strange way actually more like a statement than a question that He had to repeat it before I understood. I answered, "A great boy, Baba." He followed this with the hardest question to answer: "Then will you have the moral courage to do this?" My voice replied in a stunned whisper, "Yes, Baba".

Still looking me in the eyes, He then told me to be a 'cent per cent human being' and to do good for the society. All of the time I felt stunned and a little scared of Baba because He was speaking in such a stern, almost headmasterly way.

Then at the end He smiled in a very fatherly way, tweaked my cheek and said, "Smile a little too." This filled my heart with relief and gladness gone was the stern father. I asked Him to bless my son he smiled so big and gave namaskar. He also blessed me by pressing His palm against my forehead and said, "Shambu namastu". It was a very warm sensation, and then Baba gave me namaskar and I left the room.

It took me a few days to understand His words and sort out my feelings. I realised more and more the duty I must do in helping society to change and grow. I had experienced such a strong spiritual flow as I felt my mind vibrating so subtly along with all that came before my eyes He had given me a glimpse of the oneness.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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