Fiesch: Sisters' Fieldwalk *

Prior to Baba's arrival in Fiesch, there was the system that only brothers were given the privilege of accompanying Baba on His daily walks. Many sisters wanted more opportunity to be with Baba finally one sister expressed her strong desire to go on fieldwalk, and Baba simply replied, 'Why not?'

May 11, 1979 was the auspicious day when two Didis and two sisters accompanied Baba on a very high excursion to the top of the Alps. By cable car all traveled to the peak of Mt. Eggishorn towering over 3000 meters above Fiesch. At the middle station everyone took a short walk through the deep snow. Baba was wearing only thin slippers, so some brothers offered to carry Him, but He said He didn't mind. Instead they walked before Him, stomping the snow down as they went. Then all returned to the cable car and it began moving slowly higher. One Didi said that suspended in this cable car hanging amidst the mountain peaks with Baba was an incredible feeling, "like we'd caught Parama Purusa, or he'd caught us."

Finally the top was reached, but just three metres below the highest point, Baba wanted to sit on a bank. Everyone insisted that He should come to see the biggest glacier of Europe visible on the other side. He softly took the arm of one devotee and whispered, 'I have already seen it!' Then Baba came and was sitting for about 15 minutes on the very top of the mountain. It was amazing scenery, all around white mountain peaks under the blue sky, sitting at Baba's feet. Baba then recited one poem of an English poet and another one of Tagore's telling the indescribability of such beauty.

Baba said that Sadashiva used to travel on a yak called Nandy to visit the Alps, some 7000 years ago. Baba explained that Sadashiva did not go to any other continent except Asia and Central Europe, and this is why the Alps are a very tantric belt.

While waiting for the return cable car, Baba sat down; one Didi took off His slippers, which had become wet. She began to massage Baba's foot, while the other Didi was thinking if she should or not. It was such a family feeling however among everyone that it was only natural. And Baba said, simply pleased, 'You know the palms of their hands are colder than my feet.'

Some Dadas began to softly sing devotional songs. Didi said it was as if there was no one else in the universe. This is the feeling when one is with Baba each moment is totally and absolutely complete.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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