Fiesch: Vara'bhaya Mudra *

On fieldwalk to the glacier above Fiesch

At the end of His discourse, Baba gave His Vara'bhaya Mudra. First Baba begins by giving namaskar, putting His thumbs to His forehead. Then He separates His hands the left hand goes down to His left knee, palm facing upward; the right hand goes up by His right shoulder, palm facing outward. The left hand symbolises the Sain'cara phase. The right hand symbolises the Pratisain'cara phase.

The Vara'bhaya Mudra is a special blessing from Baba. By the right hand He gives Var(blessing) to all people that they should see and think and act in a good and righteous way, giving freedom to all psychic human beings to evolve into spiritual human beings. By the left hand He creates a kind of pushing, telling all people not to fear, to go ahead, i.e., He is giving Love without Fear.

With this Vara'bhaya Mudra, Baba is creating a new momentum in the society. This dynamic push is necessary when there is an excess of negative tendencies in the society. Baba explains in Ananda Vacanamrtam:

"What is Glani? It is a lower state (Para'bhava), beneath the generally accepted standard. When Dharma goes lower than its accepted standard, it is said to suffer degradation. For instance, the common accepted place for a crown is the head; if someone wears it on his foot, it can be considered to have suffered degradation. So Krsna says that when there is degradation in Dharma and Adharma rises when the caps of the people decorate their feet, and their sandals, their heads Krsna assures us that as Taraka Brahma He comes He comes to reinstate Dharma to its original status." (From "The Advent of the Lord")

Actually every single cell of the body is being vibrated by this mudra. In this way the very progress of these individual cells of the body is being accelerated. One brother briefly described his experience:

'I was sitting there at the end of Baba's discourse and suddenly it felt like a big wave washed over my body. Then I felt my mind expand tremendously. It felt as if Baba was opening a small corner of Infinity and it was just pouring all over me. I cried and cried, really feeling for the first time what Grace is.'

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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