Berlin Divided *

Baba in Europe

May 17, 1979

We drove to the outskirts of Berlin in the northeastern region. After alighting from the car, Baba started walking and immediately asked, "What direction are we going?" One brother said that it was east and north. Two hours later we were walking into the trees. On the left side was a long semi-circular row of bright lights along the north-eastern border.

Baba asked, "What are these lights?"

Someone replied, "Baba, that's the border of East Germany and those lights indicate the borderline." Baba commented on the partition between east and west, saying, "That is artificial madness." And He promptly added, "They will become one in the not too distant future. I wish that good times should come to Germany, and that they again unite."

Then Baba explained the destructive influence of a star called Magha (a bad star) on Germany. Baba said that Magha's projection fell on Germany in 1941, causing it to split up. Magha causes disruption, and it breaks into pieces the object on which its projection falls. But its effect is passing over and a good time is coming.

Baba then spoke about the Swastika and its usage. He said that the word "svastika" is derived from its Sanskrit root, i.e., su + asti + ik + a.

su - means good

asti - means to be, to exist

ik - means what is in existence, and will continue to exist

a - denotes feminine gender

So "Svastika" means 'good existence', which is not to be destroyed and which remains in good condition, i.e., Victory. Baba drew 2 swastikas on paper, illustrating the positive and negative:

A negative swastika rotates clockwise. A positive swastika rotates counter-clockwise.

He warned us not to use the negative swastika. He told us the negative swastika brings total annihilation, while the positive swastika brings total victory. Baba repeatedly told us to be very careful and never use the negative swastika.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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