Timmern *

Baba in Germany

Several times while Baba was touring Europe, He would speak about Timmern, regarding the need for it to be utilised properly. Preparations had begun many weeks before His coming, during the LFT training session it was pure karma yoga for the trainees, as they worked night and day to renovate the center. To arrange everything was a huge task, and on the last day, when all was apparently completed, it was realised that a whole new little wall had to be built to ensure Baba's privacy. Every second there was a crisis, then solution, then another crisis - a great test of patience and endurance. Finally all was ready one half hour before Baba came.

From the moment he arrived, Baba was like a Father coming home to be with His children. As He walked through the L-shaped path bounded by devotees, the faces of all reflected His pleasure. He walked up the steps and into the house, as everyone continued singing kiirtan. That evening He gave darshan.

It was so very beautiful in Timmern. Out in the country with the sun gleaming over the green and golden fields, Baba was in a very happy mood. Somehow the rumor was started that Baba would give DMC here. In the midday Baba went on a long fieldWalk. Everyone was so excited by the prospect of DMC that they began hurrying around to gather flowers and decorations for preparing the platform for Him to sit on. Then Baba spoke further on Psycho-Spirituality.

That evening Baba took His fieldwalk, while in the great hall kiirtan began in full force. By the time Baba had returned, the entire energy of the house was generating a most powerful vibration. As He was walking into the front door, Baba paused and smilingly said (as He frequently would do in expectant moments like this): "Should I give Darshan now?" The few who had remained outside the hall to greet Him said with great zeal, "Yes, Baba!" And He radiated an inner pleasure.

Often Baba would pose such playful questions, allowing each disciple to feel the joy of his own devotion.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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