Timmern Departure *

Baba before departing from Geneva airport

On the morning of His departure from Timmern, Baba called a meeting of all whole-time workers and some devotees. Baba was in the most loving mood this hour. He was reciting poems of Tagore and then He said that each person, according to human feeling, should tell how they felt and how all Margiis felt about Baba's coming. Everyone expressed that no one wanted Baba to leave – it was such a family feeling of oneness. Then Baba said, "What can I do? I don't want to go. I must go." He recited a Bengali couplet and gave the meaning: "When people come, there is festival and happiness. When people go, there is the feeling of sadness."

When Baba had first begun speaking, His voice was loud then gradually it grew more soft and more slow and sweet. Baba said He felt so much attraction that it was difficult to leave. Then Baba said that in the spiritual sense, this coming and going, happiness and sadness, is always happening everywhere. As spiritualists, we do not feel the departure, but as human beings living in this relative world, we must. Then He related the following story:

There was once a sage named Kan'va who lived alone in the forest. He loved to help people very much, and took it upon himself to go to the town, bring sick and helpless people back to his forest home and care for them. Many people in the town knew about this great sage, and one day it happened that a mother came to the forest, leaving her baby girl, Shakuntala, under the care of the benevolent Kan'va. With the deepest affection, Kan'va raised Shakuntala until she reached the age of marriage. At this time the King Dus'manta came to take Shakuntala as his queen. As she was preparing to leave, Kan'va was finding it so difficult to let her go. He was thinking to himself that as a great wise sage he was free from the feelings of love and affection, but at this moment he was having these feelings so strongly.

Then Baba asked, “Why was he having these feelings?” And He replied that although this man was a sage, he was also living in this world, so he is under the bondage of Prakrti, he is bound by relativities. Baba continued by saying that we, as sadhakas, are doing sadhana meditation to be free from bondage; but actually it is impossible in this world. When we live here, we cannot deny the bondages.

The whole feeling of Baba was so gentle that everyone just started weeping in love.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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