DMS in Timmern *

May 20th, 1979

A most memorable event took place while Baba was at Timmern. It was the Dharma Maha Sammelan (DMS) that was held on May 20th in the presence of Baba Himself.

What is DMS? In His presence, DMS means the giving of discourse in the same style as DMC, i.e., beginning with "Today's subject of discourse is..." But without giving Vara'bhaya Mudra at the close. Also Guru Pujais conducted as in DMC. Previously Dharma Maha Sammelans were held at different places in India and abroad while Baba was in jail. They were conducted by His representatives called MGRs (Marga Guru Representatives) who were either Avadhuta or Acarya. But this was done in His absence. Generally there is no such program held in His presence. Either Baba holds DMC or General Darshan, not such discourses as DMS. The last DMS such as the one held at Timmern was in the year 1962 at Begusarai, a town in Bihar State in India. So we can see that Baba found Timmern to be a very special place.

Before beginning Darshan, Baba spoke briefly, saying, "Try to keep the society free from all loopholes. Try to avoid all sorts or distortion."

Baba spoke about the Seven Secrets of Success. The sixth point was concerning the importance of balanced diet especially He said it is not good to eat too much.

After delivering His discourse on these seven secrets, Baba returned to His room. Many of the wholetime working Dadas and Didis, having been engaged in work beforehand, went downstairs to eat their meal. It was very late so of course they had begun to eagerly take their food when suddenly they looked up and saw Baba standing in the doorway. He was smiling very broadly, and as everyone momentarily stopped their action, Baba mischievously said, "Now don't forget the sixth point!"

Everyone broke into laughter.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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