Lyon Darshan *

"Should I Come Back Again?"

After Baba spoke there was such a united strong desire among all to keep Baba one moment more. As He arrived at the exit door everyone gathered around Him there was such a loving feeling as Baba spoke to His children, saying that He wanted very much to return, but that everyone needed to work much harder. Finally He said, "You must create more Margiis and then I will come back." Many were weeping with joy and sadness.

The next morning Baba was leaving very early to fly to Italy. While walking down the steps to the car, one devotee asked Baba if He would come again. Baba playfully replied, "I think I will come again. Should I come back again?" Many joyfully cried, "Yes, Baba!" Then He smiled, saying, "Yes, but you know, I've been so much trouble for all of you!" Baba - He is so humble.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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