Lyon Fieldwalk *

Baba on fieldwalk

Baba took a very long walk in the fields of Lyon. He was speaking Bengali at first and then He pointed to some flowers and said to all, "Do you see these small yellow flowers? They belong to the calendula family and their leaves may be used in salad - the leaves of the plant, not the petals. Homeopathic medicine uses the calendula also."

Baba was silent for a while as He continued walking. Then He said, "This portion of Europe I see is rich in medicinal herbs. And there were hardly any medicinal herb in the Scandinavian area - because of its extreme climate. But here the climate is not extreme, that's why there are so many medicinal herbs."

Then Baba said that this south-eastern French climate is a mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean climates, and that this area is a blending of populations of alpine and Mediterranean cultures. Someone asked about the Basques, and Baba responded, "The Basques are a blending of the French and Iberian - the people are more Mediterranean than Alpine."

Then Baba said that people are mainly of 3 types: Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean. Someone then asked about the type-cast of another group in France, and Baba said, "You see, the less we talk about purity of blood, the better - there is blending everywhere." In this subtle way, Baba expressed the universality of human beings.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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