Lyon: Personal Contact *

Before I had personal contact, I did not have very much devotion. I was interested in doing meditation but I was not having the feeling that I expected. Then I was given the chance to see Baba. When I walked into the door I did sastaung pranam and found it very difficult to do because it is an expression of surrender. Surrender is something I have never been able to feel – my ego always seems to be with me.

Baba told me to get up and to come closer and closer and closer. When you are close to Baba, He is the only thing you can see – He is just so big! Baba asked my name and He called me little boy. ‘Petit garçon'... He spoke to me in perfect French (my native tongue). Then He said He wanted me to be an ideal boy... and a great boy... a very great boy.

As I was sitting with Baba, I felt myself expecting something from Him. He said a little more and then He told me I could go. I did not want to leave .. I was not satisfied.. but I got up anyway and slowly went to the door .. then I stood there and in those few seconds I was thinking and feeling so strongly inside my mind: "Baba, please don't let me leave like this. I need You so much. I am small and helpless and alone .. please don't let me leave like this."

And in that very next second I turned and looked at Baba directly into His eyes, and then He said, "I will help you." That was all .. and it was exactly what I needed from Him.

On the fieldwalk that evening, Baba went walking by the Rhine River. He spoke about language, saying that many years ago French and Italian were the same language. Then He began speaking about society's oppression of the downtrodden. He said to those walking with Him that they should do something concrete for these people. Then He looked at all and said, "You should do service."

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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