Italy Deportation *

When we were with Baba and we landed in Milano airport in Italy everything seemed to be completely okay. Visas had all been valid when we came from India so we passed to the passport officials. They stamped our passports. Then when we were waiting for our baggage, suddenly the officials came, called for us to return all of our passports to them and to go where the police were sitting. There was no proper chair for Baba but we arranged something as quickly as we could and waited to see what was happening. Already the Margii had seen just through the window. They ran away to an area where they were sure we were going to walk through the door. And they waited and they waited and we never went through that door.

Now the police it cannot be said that the police were very gentle in their expressions and dealings with us. On the contrary, they were a bit rude. But Baba throughout the scene maintained a wonderful composure which I not only had to admire and respect but felt that it was best that I also maintain my own composure as far as I could. I felt compelled several times to approach the police to pressurise them into understanding that we were not in the wrong. But each of these times I caught myself because I could see from the example of Baba. I could see, truly speaking, that He was controlling the circumstances, that things were unfolding in just the way and according to the plans of Parama Purusa.

So after some time, the officials told us that we had to leave the country, we had to go back. Baba did not react at all. Not in any way did He react. And as we picked up our luggage and went back on the plane Baba treated the whole thing as if He had expected it. We got onto the plane and landed in Lyon after a short flight. While our passports were being checked we went into one room and gave one chair to Baba and told Him that He could sit. But after sitting for a few seconds He stood up and said: "No, I won't sit. I don't want to sit." Then he looked at me and said: "Now you see something very good has happened. Our responsibility at this moment is to try and understand what is that good thing which has happened." And I said: "Baba, it seems to me that our Italian brothers and sisters now will be more inspired to fight for the establishment of Sadvipra Samaj, while simultaneously fighting off the corruption and exploitation which has been in such a clear way exposed today." Baba said: "Quite right. But there is more to it than that."

Later on in the day Baba faced no problems at all. We returned to the jagrti in Lyon without any delay. All those who wished took their bath, ate their meal, everything was completely in order. While waiting for the time to go to the airport, one Avadhuta and myself had the last opportunity to serve Baba by massaging Him.

Baba was speaking about the individuals who were at fault, saying that it was not only the Indian government which was responsible. About these persons it may be clearly said that they were motivated by fear and fear is a most destructive sentiment. It is so destructive that in its extreme it causes death. Baba said that those persons who are fighting and working against us in this particular episode as well as in so many other cases are motivated by an extreme fear which spells their downfall in the near future. He said that those individuals who are characterised by a religious, non-universalistic purpose were behind our deportation on that very day. Baba stated very clearly exactly to whom He was referring.

In one way the crystallisation of this negativity, the concentration of negativity on this day is going to have its reaction in the very near future as we work with the greatest speed to establish Sadvipra Samaj. Baba said that the main difference between us and those individuals who are working against our principles and who have diversely religious sentiment is that they preach to people: "You are a sinner! I am a sinner! I am a sinner!" This is completely contradictory to our philosophy and principles which say: "I am not a sinner! I am the son, I am the daughter of the Supreme Father!" Finally Baba said that the youth of today will never accept the sinners' philosophy. They are more attracted to the revolutionary ideals of Ananda Marga.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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