Pure Love *

In my early days as a Margii, I had little understanding of the full beauty of the Ananda Marga path. Of course, I had very little knowledge of what (or who) the Guru might be I had an idea that Guru was an expression of a high truth, a pure love. But this was mostly my intellectual understanding from teachings and from the words of others.

And slowly I saw myself surrendering my small self, my little ego, to that greater Self, the Supreme Self. And I began to feel as one little part of a huge whole, and the more I was able to open myself to the oneness of all, the more I was feeling Guru as the link between these two entities, the unit self and the Cosmic Self.

Then Baba came to Europe, and from the very moment I saw Him I was completely flooded with a love I had never before experienced - simply it was a state of pure love.


* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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