Stockholm *

Baba arrived in Stockholm from Holland. He was greeted with garlands at the airport by about 70 singing Margiis and Proutists. For the first two days, however, He did not give Darshan. Many who had come with expectations to see Baba became impatient and doubtful, and finally chose to leave. Others remained trustfully awaiting the moment when Baba would feel it was the proper time.

The first evening Baba went on a very late fieldwalk on an old airport runway. As Baba began to speak about the ancient culture of Scandinavia being interconnected with the Atlantian culture, one could feel Baba having the whole vision before Him. He said that this Scandinavian area was once a hot climate. In fact it was located near the equator, but since then the North and South poles have shifted. Baba also spoke about certain oyster-like animals that once lived in the very ground they were walking upon. (It was later confirmed that this field was once a sea-bed.)

The next day Baba took another walk in the field. Baba began talking about flowers. He said that plucking a flower is like taking a child out of Mother Earth's lap. "You may look at them and take them in your heart and mind, but you do not need to pluck them." And He added, ‘You can use them for spiritual gatherings and marriage ceremonies. For eating purposes you can also use them."

That evening kiirtan began with everyone desiring to create an atmosphere for Baba's arrival. Suddenly the people who owned the rented hall rushed in, demanding that everyone leave immediately. Seeing the Swastika flag of Victory and hearing the kiirtan, they imagined that Ananda Marga was some sort of fanatic fascist group. After much heated discussion, it was decided that it would be better to move to another place. Baba had been in His room during the whole affair, and at one point during His fieldwalk that evening, Baba made a marked halt, turned to everyone and said that this was no ordinary group walking with Him tonight. "You are a platoon of lions," Baba said, expressing His pleasure at their strong fighting spirit.

The following day another hall was arranged – actually in the house where most Margiis were staying. Baba gave Darshan this day, after which all did Guru Puja before Him. Then Baba gave a special blessing.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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