Stockholm Fieldwalk *

Stockholm Idyll

The lakes and forests around the city of Stockholm provided a naturally beautiful setting for Baba's fieldWalks. Baba raised many historical points, enough to stir any historian. Actually the earth of Scandinavia is the oldest on the planet. The very old age of the land accounts for the many lakes, lagoons and marshlands. Baba also said that 1500 years ago there was one common language for all of Scandinavia, and that the Icelandic language was derived from the Dutch language.

Baba spoke very much about botany which, as He said, is His weak subject; but most everyone there could not remember the details which He spoke. He described at length the nature of the rocks in the area as well as the chemical composition of the soil which accounts for the differences in crop and the variation in sweetness of fruits between Scandinavia and a more tropical land.

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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