Rotterdam Fieldwalk *

About 15 devotees went together with Baba on one fieldwalk into a park of many small bushes. Baba spoke about the forefathers of Holland coming from Scandinavia almost 3000 years ago. He also said that the people of Holland have a very strong connection with water.

At one point Baba stopped, sat on a bench and posed a question, "Is there any reason to have a fear complex?" And He answered in the next moment, "There is no reason to have any complex at all." Then He asked one sister if she would like to sing a song. She said protectively and a bit shyly, "No, Baba." Baba repeatedly told her not to have any fear complex, in fact not to have any complex at all. Another sister said, "But we have so many, Baba. How do we get rid of them?" Then Baba replied, "Shall I tell you the secret?" - And He paused for a moment then he said, "Kiirtan".

* This is a personal recollection and has not been corroborated.
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