A full-time monk or nun, or a family person, who initiates others into meditation and performs social service.


That which goes against one's dharma or innate tendency.

Akhanda Kiirtan

When kiirtan is sung while dancing around a circle for long periods of time.


Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team. The department of Ananda Marga that coordinates relief work.


Bliss experienced subjectively (within) and not as a result of objective desire fulfilment (i.e. something outside you). It denotes a state of spiritual happiness.

Ananda Marga

"The Path of Bliss." A socio-spiritual movement founded in 1955 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.


Ananda Vacanamrtam

Book of spiritual discourses given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


Yoga posture that brings about purification of the physical body by harmonising the functioning of such glands as the hormone and lymph as well as many others. Regular practice of asanas helps with physical health and mental equanimity. Asanas can cure illnesses that may interfere with our ability to practice meditation.


A male acarya of Ananda Marga who has learned a special type of meditation. "One who is thoroughly cleansed mentally and spiritually." See Avadhutika

Avadhuta Diiks'a

When an acarya is taught an advanced meditation technique. See avadhuta


A female acarya of Ananda Marga who has learned a special type of meditation. "One who is thoroughly cleansed mentally and spiritually." See Avadhuta


Father or most beloved. To His followers, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti is known as Baba.


Baba Nam Kevalam

Universal mantra signifying that 'the vibration of the Cosmic Consciousness is everywhere'. In Ananda Marga, this mantra can be used as a simple meditation, or sung to a tune. See Kiirtan.


A spiritual song that creates inspiration and devotion.


1. Devotion. 2. The bridge that connects the unit with the Cosmic Consciousness. The result of meditation and service.


The one Divine essence and source from which all created things emanate or with which they are identified and to which they return; the Absolute, the Eternal (not generally an object of worship, but rather of meditation and knowledge). The Infinite form of the universe.


"Circle" or "cycle." A psycho-spiritual energy centre; in the human body, several cakras are located along the spinal column. These vibrational centres are associated with certain external concentration points. According to yoga psychology, certain human personality or character traits are associated with the cakras.

Cosmic Consciousness

The transcendental entity that is beyond all pleasure and pain. State of eternal bliss. See Unit Consciousness.



"Elder brother." A term signifying love and respect, commonly used to address Ananda Marga acaryas.


1. Presence of the Guru. 2. In Ananda Marga, Darshan also refers to a discourse given by Baba.


One who develops pure love for the Supreme.


Constant merger in the thought of the Supreme; the response to the attraction created by the Supreme.


1. Innate tendency. 2. The defining characteristic of something or someone. Thus, as the distinguishing property of fire is its ability to burn, this ability is said to be the dharma of fire. According to yoga philosophy, the dharma of human beings is their longing for infinite happiness.

Dharma Maha Cakra

(DMC) "A great circle of those following dharma." A series of formal talks given by Baba over the course of a few days. It includes a special spiritual blessing by Baba.


Dharma Maha Sammelen

A large collective spiritual gathering.

Dharma Pracar

Teaching spiritual philosophy and practices.


"Elder sister." A term signifying love and respect, commonly used to address Ananda Marga acaryas.


One who is following the disciplines given by a spiritual teacher.


Speech that Baba gave before Margiis and/or acaryas.


In the morning and evening, Baba used to go out for a walk or ride. This was a golden opportunity for the devotees to spend time with Baba in a small group. Often Baba would tell about the land or ecology or language of the place.



Divine compassion.


One who dispels the darkness and ignorance of others, leading disciples to the Supreme Stance of true knowledge and bliss.

Guru Charana Sparshan

When Guru physically touches a devotee as a form of blessing.

Guru Puja

An ancient Sanskrit song to end meditation, offering all aspects of one's mind to Cosmic Consciousness.


To focus one's mind on Cosmic Consciousness.


When idea is conceived on the psychic level; the conception of idea. A coherent set of ideas; a structure of psycho-spiritual parallelism.



Actively starting on the spiritual path, i.e to learn the first lesson of meditation.

Karma Yoga

One of the three aspects of yoga - karma, jinana and bhakti. Karma yoga is to act or work maintaining spiritual ideation.

Katha Kiirtan

The sharing of devotional stories interspersed with short collective kiirtan singing.


A psycho-spiritual dance for women and men.


Devotional mantra singing, usually performed to prepare the mind and body for meditation. The mantra Baba Nam Kevalam is used.


A Guru of Yoga who lived 3,500 years ago.



Local full timer. A full time volunteer for Ananda Marga.


A sound or collection of sounds that, when used in meditation, leads to spiritual liberation.


One who is following the practices and philosophy of Ananda Marga.

Master Unit

A rural development cooperative community.


The mission of Ananda Marga; to promote individual self realisation and service to humanity.


Any of thousands of positions of holding the hands, each of which symbolises specific expressions of mind. Used in both yoga and classical Indian dancing.


Nagar Kiirtan

Singing kiirtan while dancing in procession.


A form of greeting or farewell which ascribes divinity to the other person. The palms are pressed together and touched to the forehead and heart to indicate that, "With all the charms of my mind and all the love in my heart I salute divinity within you, the place where we are One."

Paincajanya Meditation

Meditation practised at 5am.

Parama Purusa

Cosmic Consciousness; The all-pervasive Entity and source of all creation.

Personal Contact

A special meeting with the Guru individually or in a small group.

Prabhat Samgiita

"Songs of a new dawn" A collection of 5,018 songs written by Baba.



Teaching spiritual philosophy and practices. Also "Dharma Pracar".


The cosmic force responsible for the creation of the world


The second half of the cycle of evolution, the return to Cosmic Consciousness from crude matter. See Sain'cara.


PROgressive Utilisation Theory. A comprehensive socio-economic-political theory propounded by P.R. Sarkar and based upon spiritual humanism and the progressive utilisation of all resources. Prout provides the guidelines for the establishment of a dynamic human society, which ensures the welfare of both the individual and the collective.


One who strives to be established in the principles of Prout.


A moral lesson, the purpose of which is to teach the person to keep away from harmful actions.



Renaissance Artists' and Writers' Association. A movement to uplift society through music and the arts.


One who follows the spiritual path.


1. Meditation; spiritual practice. 2. The. Self-effort to complete the flow of evolution, by spiritual practice. 3. The gradual process whereby the unit consciousness is absorbed into the Cosmic Consciousness, or the individual entity into the Collective Entity.

Sadhana Shiviir

"Meditation Camp". Doing kiirtan and meditation alternately for long periods of time.


A conscious and dedicated leader, recognisable by his/her conduct, devotion to service, dutifulness and moral integrity. These leaders, having the welfare of all classes as their sole concern, devote their entire lives in order to bring about a social change.

Sadvipra Samaj

A dynamic human society based on morality, equality and universalism, guided by sadvipras (spiritual moralists).



The first half of the cycle of evolution, in which pure consciousness is gradually converted into crude matter. See Pratisain'cara.


Absorption of the unit mind into the cosmic mind. Oneness with the goal. Used in Ananda Marga philosophy to indicate absorption or merger into the Cosmic Consciousness, producing a feeling of bliss in the individual. Suspension of mind.


An ancient Sanskrit song to begin collective meditation. The spirit of moving together.


Potential mental reaction. 1. Consequential action necessitated by a previous thought or action, in this or a previous life. Each thought or action is like a seed sown in the mind, changing the mind from its original stance and necessitating a reaction in order to return to a state of equilibrium. Samskara is the necessary reaction; the reactive momenta of the mind.


An ancient language, developed in India. Through this language many spiritual ideas are expressed. It is also used for mantras and other spiritual incantations. The deep, inner sounds of the human body and of human nature are expressed through this language. It is the root of many contemporary Asian languages as well as European ones. Also samskrta.


"One who is devoted to truth." A monk or nun.


Sastaung Pranam

A greeting of deep respect, full prostration to another with a sense of spiritual devotion.

Senior Margiis

Those who are well established in Ananda Marga practices.


Also known as Sadashiva. The first person to systemise Tantra Yoga 7,000 years ago.


A Sanskrit couplet expressing an idea. A proverb-like verse which forms the basic unit of the ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Baba often used shlokas to teach during Darshan.

Supreme Consciousness

See Cosmic Consciousness.


A physico-psycho-spiritual dance for men. It is a vigorous dance, originally formulated by Shiva, that develops the glands in a way that enhances courage and fearlessness.


Tantra Yoga

"Liberation from crudeness." A spiritual tradition, first systematised by Shiva. It emphasises the development of all-round human vigour. Meditation and other physico-psychic-spiritual practices are integral to Tantra. Tantra also refers to a scripture that comments on this tradition.


Relating to the spiritual tradition of Tantra.

Taraka Brahma

The manifested expression of Cosmic Consciousness in the form of a Divine Personality, whose purpose is to free all from the state of ignorance with His Divine love and guidance.

Unit Consciousness

The witnessing counterpart or entity beyond mental suspension. The true knowership, doership and existence feeling lies with this state of being. See Cosmic Consciousness.

Vara'bhaya Mudra

"Fearlessness mudra". The mudra given by Baba as a special spiritual blessing.


1. Introversive or spiritual force. 2. That force that leads one closer to Cosmic Consciousness.


Witnessing Entity

The Entity that is omniscient, omnipotent and all-pervading, i.e. Cosmic Consciousness.


Unification. Spiritual practices that aim to reunite the individual with the Cosmic Entity.


One who practices spiritual meditation. See Yoga.


Relating to the spiritual practices of Yoga.

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