How Can I Help?

Ways to help spread positive microvita... Ways to offer help...

RAWA / Cultural Events

  1. Putting up posters, finding and getting permission to use public venues for RAWA artists
  2. Publicity: newspaper and radio
  3. Collecting and maintaining sound equipment
  4. Bus painting
  5. Collecting good oil-based paint for the bus
  6. Build portable stage
  7. Design and create backdrops for performances


  1. proposal writing
  2. vegetarian dinners
  3. approaching businesses
  4. etc.!


  1. filming
  2. editing
  3. photography
  4. recording stories and kiirtans on tour
  5. collecting Baba stories from 1979

Dharma Pracar / Teaching

  1. help the team create and print:
    1. cheap literature series
    2. ideological bumper stickers
    3. ideological t-shirts
    4. kiirtan cds
    5. etc.
  2. investigate cheapest alternatives for the above
  3. contact press, tv etc. about the tour coming to your unit.


  1. investigate costs of: tolls, petrol, best routes for travel, parking, rest stops
  2. find the best drivers possible.
  3. Make simple directions to each locale so that people can meet with us.


  1. Help collect donations of food and with the purchase of needed food
  2. Help with cooking there in your locale.

In-Bus Entertainment

  1. Come up with some games & activities for the bus journeys
  2. Ideas for creativity or learning while on the bus
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