Barcelona, Spain

"So spirituality is not only the highest and noblest human speciality, but it is the only unifying point, the only unifying platform, for the entire human society."
- Baba speaking in Valencia

Gaudi's "La Sangrada Familia" church, Barcelona

7th July - Arrive at a campsite just outside Barcelona.

8th July - The Bliss Bus will arrive at a timely moment, as the World Parliament of Religions gets underway. People of all faiths will gather in Barcelona to share and create deeper bonds of understanding. Ananda Marga will hold 9 Conferences within the Parliament and we will be active with music, theatre and pracar.

In the evening, we will camp just outside the city, where we can enjoy each other's spiritual company and share stories of Baba's visit.

10th July - The Bliss Bus will move along the sunny coast to Valencia!

Details for Barcelona, Spain

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