Berlin, Germany

"And so devotees will always try to serve all... Everybody should try to move towards the Supreme goal. The devotee helps everybody and will help everybody. This universe is an expression of Parama Purus'a. I love Parama Purus'a. So I love His expression - that in the universe. I cannot hate anybody."
- Baba speaking in Berlin

The city of Berlin

21st July - After stopping in Madhu Karuna, Germany the previous day, we arrive in Berlin.

22nd July - Just outside the city, near a peaceful lake, we will stay together and remember Baba's visit to Berlin. Margiis from around Germany, and the world, will join us to share their experiences and guide us along the fieldwalks that He took.

Evening will include Akhanda Kiirtan, stories, videos of Baba's visit and collective meditation. During the day, we will do fundraising for AMURT in Berlin and hold a performance of Universal theatre and music.

23rd July - From Germany, we ride on to our Ananda Putta Bhumi, in Poland!

Details for Berlin, Germany

"The devotee loves Parama Purus'a. Parama Purus'a is all-pervasive, is universal, so hence devotees are universal in outlook."
- Baba in Berlin

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