Fiesch, Switzerland

"Love is the first word, Love is the starting point and Love is the last point."
- Baba in Fiesch

The mountains surrounding Fiesch, Switzerland

18th July - Arrive at noon from Verona, Italy.

19th July - During our Alpine adventure we will be camping in Fiesch. By day, we will walk His fieldwalks and meditate in the very mountains where Baba stood and spoke of how Shiva came here 7,000 years ago.

In 1979, 400 Margiis from around the world did kiirtan in procession on the day of DMS in a nearby town, Brig. The procession began at the train station and undulated like a wave over everyone, culminating in the town square. This summer, we will be recreating this nagar kiirtan event, and also be holding a RAWA performance involving music, dance and theatre in the town square.

In the evening, over a bonfire, we will share stories, and read the discourses Baba gave in Fiesch. This was Baba's main stop on his tour... where He spent the most time, held DMC, and where many senior Margiis came in '79. We hope that as many Margiis as possible from the days of '79 can come and share their experiences with us.

20th July - The next stop of adventure is an overnight stay in Madhu Karuna, Germany, and then on to Berlin on the 21st!

Details for Fiesch, Switzerland

"He is always with you. You are never helpless, you are never shelterless, and you are never weak. You are strongest personality in the Universe because the Supreme Entity is always with you."
- Baba in Fiesch

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