The Tour

Here is the tour itinerary... phew!

Map of the 2004 Tour Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, Norway Iceland Timmern, Germany Madhu Karuna, Germany Ananda Putta Bhumi, Poland Berlin, Germany Fiesch, Switzerland Verona, Italy Valencia, Spain Barcelona, Spain Lyon, France Rotterdam, Netherlands Glastonbury, UK

The Bus Tour

22 June, 2004 Arrive for Glastonbury Festival, UK
23-28 June Glastonbury Festival, UK
28-30 June Rotterdam, The Netherlands
30 June - 4 July Timmern, Germany
4-5 July Stay in Madhu Karuna, Germany
5-7 July Lyon, France
7-10 July Barcelona, Spain
10-13 July Valencia, Spain
13-14 July Travel along coastline to Verona
14-18 July Verona, Italy
18-20 July Fiesch, Switzerland
20-21 July Stay in Madhu Karuna, Germany
21-23 July Berlin, Germany
23-27 July Ananda Putta Bhumi, Poland (Summer Retreat)
27 July - 2 Aug Madhu Karuna, Germany (Summer Conference)

Related Events

19 - 23 May RAWA Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
28 - 29 May Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 19 Sept Iceland
18 - 27 Sept Caracas, Venezuela
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