Madhu Karuna, Germany

"Wherever there is a gathering of a few spiritual aspirants, they should not waste their time in idle gossiping - they should utilise their time in kiirtan, because when the kiirtan is done, a spiritual environment is created. The Supreme Nucleus, the Parama Purusa, will then and there shift His headquarters just between those aspirants, because this centre of the nucleus is above the periphery of time space and person. He may shift it anywhere, wherever, whenever so desired by Him."
- Baba speaking in Fiesch

Meditation outside at Madhu Karuna, Germany

27th July - And so Baba's Mystical Tour comes to an end in the warm, family atmosphere of the Madhu Karuna Summer Conference. This spiritual festival takes place amidst the fields and forest of rural Germany in the village of Wendelsheim, 10 km from Alzey and a short train ride from Mainz and Frankfurt.

There you can attend workshops on all aspects of Ananda Marga philosophy, take part and watch spiritually inspired cultural performances, or simply enjoy the sunshine with friends new and old.

There are many children’s activities and plenty of collective meditation and long kiirtan sessions to stir the sweetest, deepest loving feelings in all of us. It is the ideal setting to enjoy the magic of our universal spiritual family and bring Baba’s Mystical Tour to a close.

Details for Madhu Karuna, Germany

  • Closest Airport: Frankfurt Hahn (Ryanair) or Frankfurt
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  • Important Note: The fee to join the Summer Conference programme is not included in the price of the Bus Tour - only the travel to get there. However, passengers on the whole Bus Tour will receive a 15% discount.

    The full prices (without discounts applied) are: Adults €125, Students €110, Children (12-17 yrs) €80, Children (6-11 yrs) €40, LFTs €62, Acaryas free.
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