Travel Directions: Ananda Putta Bhumi, Poland

Public Transport

There are trains to Jelenia Gora (pronounced "Yelenia Gora") from Warsaw and many points in Poland. From Berlin, take a train to Wroclaw, and then another train to Jelenia Gora. Note, this is not "Zelenia Gora", which is a different city.

In Jelenia Gora, go to the PKS Bus Station and take a bus in the direction of Karpacz, via Cieplice. Ask the driver to let you off at Glebock (pronounced "Gvembotsk"). Then follow signs to the farm (you must walk 1.2 km). You could also take a taxi directly from the train station to the farm. Ask the driver to take you to "Gvembotsk" (Glebock). The taxi costs about €9.

International bus connections to Wroclaw (pronounced "Rotslav") are also useful. From Wroclaw, take bus or train to Jelenia Gora and proceed as indicated above.

By Car

Drive to Jelenia Gora (located 70 km from the German Border at Görlitz). Upon reaching Jelenia Gora, look for signs to Karpacz. Go about 12 km on the road to Karpacz and look on your right for the turn-off to Milkow (pronounced "Mivkov"). In Milkow, turn right for about 0.5 km and look for signs leading to Glebock (pronounced "Gvembotsk") and the farm.

Farm Address

Glebock 37-58-535
Tel. +48 (0)75 7610 716


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