Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"The human entity is not only a physical one - you are something more subtle, more charming, and more fascinating."
- Baba speaking in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam

28th June - Travel from Glastonbury Festival, fly Ryanair from London Stansted to Eindhoven (arrive 20.30). We'll take the Bus to the Ananda Marga school in Den Bosch for collective kiirtan, meditation and stories...

29th June - Morning will bring us to an elderly folks' home where we will enliven the residents' day with songs of joy. We'll have an afternoon picnic by the water's edge in Rotterdam, followed by a remembrance programme with a sharing of deep experiences of senior Margiis from Holland, and around the world, who saw Baba in Rotterdam in 1979. There we will have kiirtan, meditation, hear stories, see photos, walk His fieldwalks, and read the discourses He gave in Rotterdam.

In the evening, we'll return to Den Bosch where we will stay in one of our most beautiful Neo-Humanistic schools in Europe. There we will have collective meditation, stories and watch videos of Baba.

30th June - In the morning, we will share stories and songs with children and then we are off to Amsterdam to spread vibrations through a Prabhat Samgiita concert in the city. Collective meditation and a picnic lunch with local Margiis will follow the concert before we go to Timmern, Germany!

Details for The Netherlands

"There is no reason to have any complex at all," said Baba.
"But we have so many of them. How do we get rid of them?" asked one sister.
"Shall I tell you a secret?" And He paused for a moment; then He said,
- A talk with Baba in Rotterdam

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