Timmern, Germany

"The Supreme noumenal cause is the Parama Purus'a. The Parama Purus'a is not something theoretical or abstract; the Parama Purus'a is your bigger I, is your greater I, your Supreme Father, your nearest and dearest entity."
- Baba speaking in Timmern

Vidya Sagar Training Centre, Timmern. Baba stayed here for 3 days in 1979.

30th June (evening) - It is so beautiful in Timmern. So many Margiis took LFT training there over the years, out in the country, in green and golden fields. This was also the only place outside of India that Baba gave Avadhuta diiks'a. Senior Acaryas and Margiis remember this place as one of the highest places with the most beautiful spiritual vibrations during the 1979 tour.

1st-3rd July - During this 3-day spiritual intensive retreat we will be staying in the place where Baba stayed, and reading the discourses that He gave there. The days will be filled with workshops on meditation, spiritual music and mystic philosophy, as well as Akhanda Kiirtan, Sadhana Shiviir, videos of Baba, and cultural programmes. Margiis and Acaryas from around Europe, especially Germany, will be coming to share the inner journey of the retreat and to tell us their stories of when Baba stayed there in Timmern.

4th July - Depart for Madhu Karuna, Germany, on our way to Lyon in France!

Details for Timmern, Germany

In one of His discourses here, Baba spoke about Shiva's '7 Secrets of Success':
"The 6th point is concerning balanced diet. Especially..." He said, "it is not good to eat too much."
After this discourse He returned to His room. Many of the Acaryas having been engaged in work beforehand went downstairs to eat their dinner. It was very late so of course they began to eat eagerly when suddenly they looked up and saw Baba standing in the doorway. He was smiling very broadly and as everyone momentarily stopped their action, Baba mischievously said, "Now don't forget the 6th point!" Everyone broke into laughter.

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