Valencia, Spain

"Whatever you want to do, do from this very moment. Don't give any prize to your mind for doing something good or bad. Your very action is your prize."
- Baba speaking in Valencia


10th July - Travel along the coast from Barcelona, stopping at Ananda Marga's beautiful Master Unit, a centre in the Spanish countryside.

11th - 12th July - In the early hours of the morning, we will sit in meditation on the beach that Baba walked on in '79, witnessing the sun's rise and feeling the cosmic blessing!

During our time in Valencia, we will witness artistic explosions from RAWA, fuelled by Prabhat Samgiita and kiirtan. It will be an expression of art for service and blessedness. We will be visiting young and old and sharing with them the vibration that comes through His songs and mantras. In the evenings, we will share kiirtan and stories from His visit in 1979.

13th July - We head along the sun-drenched coast towards Italy, stopping for the night at a campsite near Marseille, and then on to Verona on the 14th.

Details for Valencia, Spain

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