Verona, Italy

"He asked me, 'Do you like this flower?' I said, 'It is beautiful Baba'. He said, 'No, no, it is wonderful'." - Amal from Italy.

The city of Verona

14th July - Complete the coastline journey from Valencia, via Marseille.

15th - 17th July - From south to north, Sicily to Verona... a "kiirtan wave" will sweep the country as Italian Margiis visit every area of the country with Akhanda Kiirtan, spreading loving energy. This wave will culminate with the Italian Margiis meeting up with our Bliss Bus in the northern Italian mountains surrounding Verona at the Italian Master Unit, "A'nanda Vipasa".

A'nanda Vipasa overlooks valleys, mountains and lakes. It is a spiritual centre where we can easily go deep into our meditation. During the day, we will enliven Verona's old city centre with our street performances of theatre, dance, music and kiirtan. Together we will picnic by the river, hike in the mountains, and offer service to the local community projects.

In the evening, back at Ananda Vipasa, we will have special programmes, including collective kiirtan, meditation, stories and videos of Baba's trip.

18th July - The bus will head to Fiesch, Switzerland!

Details for Verona, Italy

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